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How are you taking customers behind the scenes?

03:06 min | 4.28.2008

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hellomynameisscott April 28, 2008
When I was a kid, this 50's diner in St. Louis called Crown Candy had a great tour. The owner would take my brother and I into the back so we could watch their candy being made. It was awesome. My girlfriend and I still go there every year on our anniversary.

BillTheThrill April 29, 2008
I love the ?making of? specials that show the behinds the scenes (especially Seinfeld). To me, it gives me more of a 3 dimensional view and appreciation for what has been done. To sum it up...I think trust is the gift, authenticity is the wrapping and the UPS ?look behind the scenes? guy in brown shorts delivers it. Thanks for taking time to put this together. Your other stuff is great as well!

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